8 & A 1/2

Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in British Columbia, East Broadway, Main Street, Vancouver

Mister Coffee says

I’m really surprised that I haven’t been here for breakfast before. I feel like it’s tucked away a bit – hiding, if you will; which is a shame because it’s lovely and delicious. Brunch is only served on the weekends from 11:00 – 3:00 but it’s a great spot. Ain’t so great for vegans (no soy and no tofu chickens) but the rest of the populace is in luck! They have a diverse menu and a great selection of cocktails. Our waitress was an absolute confection of a girl. I had the Khatsilano benny and added prawns. I subbed salad for the potatoes as per usual and the salad was tops: candies walnuts, fresh strawberry and cow feta (the good kind). The eggs were perfectly poached. If you don’t sub the potatoes for salad I imagine you will be pleased – parmesan and basil – sounds like a dream. Princess pancake had the hash “special”. Oh my. Saurkraut, bratwurst heaven topped with poached eggs and hollandaise.

I didn’t have a cocktail but I looked at the menu and I’ll definitely go back for a boozy breakfast. Their mojito featured the usual lime, mint business and they added cucumber and blackberry so fit in with the “cool kids” who spell their children’s names in irritatingly unconventional ways and add their own little flair, adamant in their refusal to conform simply for non-conformities sake. I won’t make fun this time though because the prawns I added to my benny and the goat cheese on my salad made me happy enough and kept my mouth too full to complain. 8 ½ gets a 9 ½.

Website: http://eightandahalf.ca/
Location: Main Street & East 8th Ave.